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Digital Donations

Online donations have been in place for a while but required some extra boost to make them more accessible for school and team organizations specifically. Generic platforms simply cannot provide the support and backend requirements needed to run school and sports campaigns. Team Goal Tracker does.

Now Signing Winter Sports!

Get your team online today and start receiving donations!  Winter sports can provide a great opportunity for fundraising.  Many organizations think campaigns are mainly seasonal, but we run successful campaigns year-round..  Since Team Goal Tracker is all online, winter is a great time to promote your organization objectives.

Winter Sports include:

  • Wrestling

  • Ice Hockey

  • Basketball

  • Bowling

  • Gymnastics

  • Swimming

  • Skiing

02. Benefits

Key Features

Quick Setup

Turnkey platform online setup


Team video on-demand

Bigger Share

Payouts up to 80% of funds

Quicker Payouts

Receive money faster and easier
03. Innovation

Team Goal Tracker

Team Goal Tracker was designed to give organizations an easy to use, quick to setup platform for online fundraising.  Some campaigns can be setup the same day and start receiving funds the same day!  Our tools are backed by industry professionals that can assist your organization with ways to streamline your donation efforts.

04. TGT Process

How It Works

We strive to make Team Goal Tracker an easy to use, enjoyable experience for both our team organizations and its users!

Provide us with your organizations objectives
Complete signup, organization details, and campaign details.
We build your campaign page with provided logo and details.
Campaign is launched and audience reach strategy defined.
Campaign Launch
Daily reports provided and campaign objectives maintained
Campaign Active
Campaign is closed, final report compiled, payout initiated!
Campaign Wrapup
05. Network

Growing Your
Campaign Network

All campaign data is saved for your organization. This data includes campaign contributors, donation amounts, and campaign analytics. All provided, this in-house data allows your organization to quickly kick-off additional fundraisers, email campaigns, and other engagements such as newsletters and dynamic engagements. Team Goal Tracker helps you build a fundraising entity, not just a one-time money raise.

Audience Reach

08. Campaigns

Recent Campaigns

09. Customer Benefits

Contributor Benefits

When someone makes a donation to your campaign, they will also be provided with access to our exclusive discount app that provides national and local deals at hundreds of merchants nationwide. This provides added value for the donors while also raising money for your organization. Currently, our app is supported in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Funding Zone Appgoogle playFunding Zone Appios

Available Deals
Online Merchants

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11. Sharing and Promotion

Sharing Support
& Development

Team Goal Tracker provides many ways share your organization's campaign through social media, email, and SMS platforms. Links and social cards are also available, as well as, QR code promotion and distribution.